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PosiTiVe PollY FuNk

Roll On…

If you don’t personally KNOW me, I wear the “Polly Positive” crown. I can and do turn just about anything into something positive. I would have to say this alone has prob been the key to most of my life success. It is that simple.

Just like everyone else I grew up with challenges, we all have had them we all just have different rulers we use to measure them. With this being said I’m also a realist, I do my very best to step into others shoes and take a view before reacting to most situations. This is something I have done since I was 19ish, so it is just something that comes natural to me. I’m also not perfect, STOP THE PRESS…sometimes I need to apply the 24 hour rule (something happens you are less excited about you sleep on it and if you feel the same 24 hours from the time it happened THEN you are justified in your standing) – this rule I’ve been mastering the past 5 or so years. <——-told you I wear the crown.

Why am I rambling on, good question…today I was in a funk. If you know me I don’t do funk I shake funk and dance on it because I can. Back to the funk, I walked around all day trying to shake off and for the life of me it was like that slime from the show in the 80’s….anyway, I realized tonight that last year on this day I was on a plane to do the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do. I had 3 days and a lot to clean up and I had to be more adult than I ever have had to be in life.

Not going into the details, just know I stepped up and did it and left a trail of happy behind me, as you would expect. I keep going back to Kid Rock’s song Roll On, it just seems to fit in so many ways. Today my funk was justified, I wish sometimes my mind and body (aka funk) would get together and chat. There’s a lot of freedom in justified funk…now I can put my Polly Positive crown BACK on and keep rolling.

So if you are thinking some big bird decided to drop a load on you and you feel like that same bird keeps picking you, think again. We all have challenges, we can choose to Roll On, or you can choose to roll…alone. I choose to just play dodge ball with the bird, life is a choice people


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