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BeLLy MaMa CLaSS # 2

SOOOOO, here we are again, another week gone by and I use to dread Mondays because it meant I had to go to work…I’ve shifted focus to dreading Monday night Belly Dancing class. Cynthia and I have declared Mondays as BD days, we don’t work, we spend the day preparing for class. Further defined, we aren’t working, we might be sleeping in (we need all the energy we can get), Cynthia will be making some awesome dish for lunch..all to mentally prep for the class @ 5:15.

So, I tried to bail on today’s class..I spent the weekend moving my house around (including my room anyone that has been in there, lucky you, would know that bed weighs a ton) so my back was killing me! The thought of the splits made my mind split. BUT, there was this little voice calling me a wuss, so I put on my jazz shoes and grabbed the berkin bag and charged forward!

There was belly mama (teacher) all bright eyed and bushy tailed waiting to hang us by our toes for an hour….so of course I was hell bent on showing her she couldn’t whip me! The class was a little thinner this round, so we had less hiding space…there we all were doing the stretches, splits, and one butt cheek then the other then worked the abs, haaaaa whatever those are. Then came the fun stuff.

We got to add steps in with our butt cheek movements, do this with me. Left foot in front, step right, left foot behind it, up on those toes, hold your hands up at the same time, and sqqqquuueeeeezzzzz one cheek then the other. Repeat starting with right foot. Try that more than oh say, 20 times!!!!

Second move was the same then add a dramatic “look to the right swish of the head” at the end then pick it up head the other way and end up on your toes up down up down then flat foot dramatic STOP.

IN THE SAME STEP add in a turn to the left then turn to the right with a swish dramatic movement. And somewhere in there we had something she ref to as almost a jazz slide but not really. WHATEVER THAT MEANS.

Now here it gets really good. Stand with your knees together, bent, toss your rear to the back contracting your lower back then tuck your pelvis front..all keeping up with the 4 count or down beat or something like that. NOW…REPEAT FOR 3 HOURS! okay, not 3 hours but it was about half the class which I would guess a good 20 – 30 minutes.

GENTLEMEN, have you listened to me yet? DATE A BELLY DANCER, you will thank me, want to send me flowers for life, and kiss my feet. You all have the have all rented a room at some point or know of someone that has…or been over for a Cynthia Saturday morning breakfast fest, played guitar hero, borrowed the couch for the night…and if you have not yet had the pleasure, you will soon.

That’s all till next BD Monday. OVER AND OUT!


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