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Belly Mama ClaSS #3

So, somewhere between class 2 and 4 you become an expert and are required to look like a sexy little belly rolling girl. I think I blinked and left my grace somewhere besides the Vandy classroom C with Queen Belly Mama herself.

It seems the arms are VERY important to belly mama, so we did this thing called the snake, some crap with your elbows up and shoulders toward the mirror with one hand in the air with the palm pointed to the wall N O T THE MIRRORRRRRR!!!! and the other hand facing your body, now toss the other one up with grace mind you, while keeping your other one moving.

NOW, take that move and do some cha cha foot forward then the back foot you’re up on your toes cha cha, then forward 4 steps cha cha then other foot then back 4 steps NOW KEEP BENDING THOSE KNEES and keep your abs tucked then quarter time on the butt cheeks, left then right, come on count with me!!!

I looked at Cynthia and she didn’t drop her grace at the door, that girl had a smile on her face and was keeping up to some degree. She must be practicing upstairs while she plays the piano at night.

So, what I did get out of today…the class has gotten SO much better at tossing one butt cheek at a time, I never thought that was possible. And if someone would explain to me how many down beats are in the box but clincher move???? Belly mama asked us that question tonight, I was lucky just to tuck to the front, clinch the right cheek, toss my rear back then toss the left cheek. I didn’t know we had to count on top of that!!!!

Well that is all I have for now, I am sure I have left out a ton so I might add some as I remember. Tell me again WHY in the world I am doing this class?


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