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BeLLy MamA ClaSS – The RoManCe is OVER

It makes me sad to have to tell belly dancing days are over…the romance is finished…so the Monday night blogs have turned into Sunday night ReFLeCtIoN, or Monday morning coffee read…for my fans!

I am sure you are all just sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what in the world happened between me and Belly Mama…well it is safe to say I decided there wasn’t anything I was getting out of the Monday night affair.

When I first signed up for the 12 week class (what in the hell was I thinking??) I thought wow, maybe I will learn some sexy moves while having some fun. Reality, my opinion, I have WAY MORE SEXY MOVES than Belly Mama could ever dream about having. I know you are saying to yourself, yeah right, but lets get real here, there is WAY too much thinking involved in the dance of the belly. There just wasn’t any joy in watching 20 women trying to learn how to move one cheek at a time. NOW, if I were able to just laugh the entire time, laugh out loud at random moments…I would really enjoy some part of the class.

I know you are all sad, but I have replaced it with Monday night at the Gym and will be happy to blog about that fun! I can have fun whatever I am doing so I will be sure to at least give you one blog a week…and if you are EXTRA nice you might get 2!! (don’t hold your breath on that one)

OVER AND OUT—10-4 GOOD BUDDY..and all that sort of fun sign off BS!


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