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DeAd MaN – Is ThiS a SiGn?

DeAd MaN – Is ThiS a SiGn?

So, last night I went out with a guy I went out with about a year ago..I thought what the heck. He lives in KY and so we decided to meet in Clarksville as a mid point. So I get all mama hot ready, and head out IN THE SNOW (born and raised in Houston…snow is not something I feel is good for the hair) and discover halfway there I had forgotten my little Louis (my sidekick..been with me for years..AKA the purse).

Well I was midpoint so I went on gut, and a prayer that I was looking hot enough to get out of any ticket I might get if pulled over..well I said to myself “self, this is either going to be a magical night, or a HUGE lesson” and pressed on.

Not going into the specifics of it all but I remembered in about 5 min why I only went out with him 1 time. I bucked up, made the best of it and got through dinner..then had to almost beat him off of me (I didn’t know I looked that good, and I certainly wasn’t tossing out those vibes) to the point he got pissed. ASSSSSHHHOOOOOLLLLEEEEEE!! So I get in my car to head home in the snow, without a dime, ID, lipstick for heaven sake!! Can I mention he didn’t even wait for me to start my car much less see I was okay!! DID I SAYYY AAASSSSSHHHOOOOLLLLEEE???

At this point I had a date Friday night with Mr. Music Biz himself who wore more jewelry than I did, had more Botox than I could ever think of having, and proceeded to tell me about how he took back his cheating ex-wife over and over and over again..blah blah

Back to the drive home..Friday night date – SUCKED – Tuesday night date WISHES I HAD..but it SUCKED TOO. Well I had an hour drive home so I decided to crank the tunes and feel sorry for myself, in the ice and snow. Got home to find Rosie Posie missing Vlada and her boyfriend so I decided she had it worse than me. I was over it.

To bring this back around, I decided to shake off the bad boy vibe knowing I am a hair away from becoming bitter Betty…had a great morning, said bye to Vlad we are going to miss him, Cynthia and I had a GREAT LAUGH AND LIFE MOMENT, went to the gym, was coming home and I there he was! A man laying in my yard not moving!!! How many of you have ever had this happen?? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

So I pull in and discover Mr. Man is really the water man who informs me I had a meter that wasn’t registering so I got a break on my water bill for a few months…I had a choice, I could charm this once thought to be dead man into not replacing the meter, for the sake of saving some money…or I could let the dead man carry on. I decided that Water Man wasn’t God sent so I let him carry on without distracting him from the task at hand…and decided officially that I would leave it up to God to lead me and not force the dating thing.

I did mention to God that he might have to pull another Dead Man situation since I am less likely to be paying much attention to boys as of today.


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