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Ten EterNal QueStions – PancaKe BOOBS

While reading Ten Eternal Questions by Zoe Sallis, it has become apparent that we all have opinions based on life experience. I know, I know, DUH…but what I see to be the difference is simply the level of passion or confidence we have in whatever we are talking about.

So the book uses the following words for marketing: Wisdom, Insight, and Reflection for life’s journey. Skinny version, author interviews Nelson Mandela, Bono, Steve Via, Sharon Stone, Dalai Lama and many others for life stories, advise, whatever…so in my Job I get to offer my opinion often. I wonder, do people ponder my suggestions the same as they would Bono or Dalai Lama?

So the tag line to get you all to read this…well today our power has been going off and on all day. Well as most of you know Saturdays at my house we have big breakfast and PANCAKES..Yummy pancakes that you can’t live without…well we had to figure out how to have our pancakes..I offered to go buy a generator but Cynthia decided the next time the power came back on for the few minutes we have before it goes out again…SHE would be ready!!

Instead of cooking a few pancakes she decided to do 2 big ones!! I just happened to have a glance and they looked like boobs without the nipple SOOOOOOO we had to dress them properly and grabbed some oreo’s and wallah! BOOBIES! You can’t tell me Cynthia is not the master chef…..


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