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#2 GooD ol DaYs – What Happened?

SO, guess who came to see me today? Mr. Terminex himself…he was the same guy from the cookie story from late March. I noticed him pulling in my drive and the first thing I did was go turn the oven on to make him some cookies.

So many things have happened in life since the last blog that I have decided that I want to live my life the old fashioned way…at least with Mr Terminex. You know, I watched him today spraying every inch of my lawn, and taking care of the bumble bee’s who had made a home on the back deck…he even suggested maybe I should go on a quarterly plan instead of bi-monthly to save $8.00 a month.

Where I am going with this..Nucci (My Yoda) helped me to be more aware to the importance of relationships in life. Relationships, in my opinion (another Nucci – ism), are precious and take effort….but the rewards can be priceless, even if it’s something/someone that doesn’t appear to be someone you would typically invest effort.

Thank you my Yoda!


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