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ToDaY I Cheated – DirT and WoRmS?

Oh My GosHDirt & Worms

So I finally did it Micki Jo, you are the wind beneath my cupcake!  I will have to transfer my previous blogs to this site so catch everyone up on my adventures.  Just so you know, I have my ear to the ground and am here to share with you the BEST CUPCAKES of all time starting with NashVegas, TN. 
I’m a world traveler (made it past Memphis once..that should qualify me) and have been blessed with magic, not just any magic, this is special…ready?  I have been crowned NashVegas Official Cupcake Tester (by myself..because I can)!  So I’m here to keep you posted on where to find the best cupcakes in town and one day I will crown myself OFFICIAL CUPCAKE TESTER WORLDWIDE (once I make it past Dickson, TN). 
Since January 2008 I have been on a mission to keep NashVegas cupcakes eateries on their toes.  I have tasted every cupcake in the area and up until today the best in town were Christie Cupcakes (they do more than cookies).  Today I cheated…I get these wild binges to randomly schedule CUPCAKE RAIDS, today I cheated on Christie Cupcake and made a dash for Curious Gourmet in downtown Franklin, TN.  Yes’mam I made a run for the border and found heaven…
As you would expect I got all dolled up (sundress, no makeup, flip flops after a late night date of no sleep..fill in the blanks), popped the top on my little cupcake mobile (little cute  Mercedes convertible) and headed in!  Parked in my fav little cupcake parking lot on 4th and made a dash for the Curious Gourmet all the while praying my little short sundress didn’t catch wind and blow over my head, as you know that can be dangerous with the sundress CODE. 
I opened the door and skipped to the front of the store and fell in love…there were a million perfectly decorated cupcakes from heaven.  It took everything in my power not to dive head first into the cupcake display, I just stood there in shock.  I could only pick 2…MY GOSH there are a million I wanted however, I did an ass check (turn around and make sure I can see my feet from behind) and decided I would stick with only 2. 
The first one looked like a Banana Split with ice cream on top, I drooled and prayed I wouldn’t attack it before I got back to the car.  The second one I picked was the Dirt and Worms.  OH MY GOSH….May I say butter cream?????  Each scoop of ice cream was flavored like the ice cream but butter cream.  SO it was chocolate, strawberry, vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle and a cherry on top!  The cake was banana bread heaven…stay tuned for the Dirt and Worms, there was NO way I could eat another bite of anything after the first cupcake…sticking to cupcake code and all!
I, OFFICIAL NasHVegas Cupcake Tester of the world (a girl can dream), crown CURIOUS GOURMET #1 NASHVEGAS CUPCAKE!

Banana Split


2 responses

  1. This is such a fun blog! To be honest, making cupcakes scares me a bit. Mine don’t turn out fluffy unless they come out of a box. And then the decorating seems overwhelming too – they take patience :). I do love eating them though. We have a fancy cupcake bakery in Vancouver, BC, too, and it’s fun to visit though not fun for the hips! LOL.

    May 16, 2009 at 8:28 pm

  2. Awwee thank you, cupcakes just make me happy! I spend my mornings hiking just to make sure I can fit through the doors, wouldn’t want anything to stop me from buying more! ha, you should go have a fancy one tomorrow, just for smiles!

    May 16, 2009 at 8:35 pm

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