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1St OFFICIAL NaShVeGaS CupCake ReView

So…today I took on the mission of finding the BEST TASTING CUPCAKE IN NASHVEGAS for January 2009 – All comments are my personal opinion and I have goal set that I will continue to review the cupcakes monthly..I also asked the staff in each location which one they liked most, and which one was the best seller and picked between them.

While you are in the gym sweating it off, I will be making my way around Nashville making sure we maintain the standard for the best cupcake ever. Last January I was blogging about taking belly dancing classes with Belly Mama at Vandy – this year I said hell with it and went for the cupcakes! YEAH BABY!

I couldn’t decide on just one – so here are my picks and depending on your location…

Christie Cookie/Cupcakes in Green Hills (615-297-0724) – I have to vote this one Most Creative, excellent customer service, best cupcake to hold up in transport. I had the Strawberry Chocolate Chip which is made with fresh strawberries, homemade cream cheese frosting, red sugar sprinkles with chocolate chips. WOW, not only did it hold up in transport (it was my first stop of many) it was larger cake size and an even mix of sweet frosting. Great combo of flavors and texture, not to mention customer service was above and beyond.

Ivey Cake in Downtown Franklin ( 615-595-4353) – I have to vote this one Most Charming location/decoration, friendly customer service, the flavors/textures were so different from each other I couldn’t decide which one I liked more the “People Pleaser” which is the carrot cake was so divine and the “Rebel” which is German Chocolate was oh so delicious. This is the perfect place to take out of town guests for a treat to follow with a walk Historic Downtown Franklin…or pick up a cake/cupcakes for a party.

Another option in Downtown Franklin is Curious Gourmet ( 615-656-4898)- I had the Peanut Butter Cup – the icing is awesome. It didn’t travel well at all so this might be more of a stop in while you are shopping type place.

I would love to toss a challenge out to you , spend an afternoon performing your own personal cupcake review…I can’t think of a better way to spend my afternoon. Thanks for allowing me to share.


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