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DOH! CELEBRATE SoUtH AFriCan DaY – CooKieS & CreAm CuPCaKe!

So THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! YIPPIEEE, my 2 fav South African friends!! WHOOOTT WHHHOOTTT! Well it was a fine excuse to celebrate for the love of cupcakes..just fitting! Got the email this morning, so I ran into Franklin, TN around lunch just to poke around and see if there was anything new at the Curious Gourmet and lookie what I found!!

OMG, these are melt in your mouth whipped buttercream with the coolest yummy cake…I picked the white one for the wedding however, I’m pretty sure she should wear off white…they did stay with me in the Housr of Love for a few weeks together…Mama KNOWS sweetcheeks! Anyway, I had to share…and I haven’t had a bite of the mocha drizzel whatever one yet. I will be sure to share when I do!!




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