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SheLbi DaNCe – ChrIstiE CupCakE

So…today I was doing the Shelbi dance, you know the one that either finds me working hard building people-or the one zipping around town tasting cupcakes. Well during the daily dance the bat phone rang and it was Christie Cookies & Cupcakes, it seems they needed the expert to drop by and taste 2 new cupcakes for them! Could my life get any better???? geezzzzzzz…

So I dropped by for a chat with Nathan and Noel, it seems they had a customer come in picking up a cookie cake that said “we’re expecting” which is the coolest way to announce to your office that you are popping out a kid! So of course she noticed the cupcakes and I had a chat with her, she just happened to be from Houston (<—she’s smart she’s found the best place in town), and we went on and on about the cupcakes. This is what you would expect from me, a girl who could make friends with a dead tree. Anyway…

Rosie was coming for dinner so I decided to save the tasting for tonight so I could share and see if she was as excited about them as I am…I will report SHE WAS – she had never tasted anything so awesome! So it seems Christie needs to open a location in South Africa please and thank you. Rosie is headed to Green Hills tomorrow just to go get a Christie Cupcake of her own.

Today we had:

Cafe Mocha – had this dreamy caramel chocolate cake with mocha butter cream icing!!!! It was better than the other icing from the other place I won’t mention from yesterday.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel – this one is now my favorite of all time (or until I get called to test something else that knocks me off my feet) Caramel cake with caramel topping & cream cheese frosting, sea salt, and chocolate covered pretzel. It actually has pretzel cooked in the cake which I think is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. I think this one will be a top seller FOR SURE!!!!

Well there ya go…now I’m going to get out of these jeans and find me some yoga pants with a lot of stretch! I WOULD BE AT CHRISTIE COOKIE & CUPCAKE WHEN THEY OPEN THIS WEEKEND, ONCE THE WORD IS OUT THEY WILL NOT KEEP THESE ON THE SHELF!


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