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ToDaY I ChEaTeD – Ivey Cake

So today I went to the lake did my 4 miles and then decided all this cupcake talk I needed a cupcake. I had someone share with me that Ivey Cake in Franklin had the best, which as you know I am a Christie Cupcake fan but I thought maybe I should give Ivey Cake 1 more try, just in case.

Well here to report they don’t hold a candle to Christie Cupcake, not even close! I have become a cupcake expert over the past few months and now can better define the difference. First let me say, I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t love however, today I have a broken cupcake heart. I took 2 bites from both and tossed them in the trash.

Here we go – Ivey Cake Cupcakes are YUCK – I’m so sorry, I know some of you know Ivey and she seems to be a great person and I’m sure her cakes are awesome but her cupcakes stink. I think there is a stick of butter in the cake, it totally falls apart when you take a bite, and the cake is super dry. *note these were first batch of the day so they should melt in your mouth. The icing is WAY TOO MUCH – it’s loaded with somethin…that makes it think and too sweet and too much.

Will I cheat again? yes, that’s my job as the cupcake queen…and I’ve heard great things about Sprinkles Cupcakes which I have recently found out the Houston store was slotted to open 3 months ago but hasn’t opened yet so HOLD TIGHT MY FELLOW CUPCAKE LOVERS!

Ivey Cake Cupcakes in Franklin – FAILED

I really tried to think of a positive polly spin however….


One response

  1. Staci Lite

    I went to IveyCake to see what was so bad since you were over the top about it being YUCK…? Wow! IVEYCAKE IS AMAZING! Seriously… I’ve had Sprinkles from L.A. and Magnolia’s from New York and everywhere in between… Ivey’s, obviously made from scratch, beats out anything in Nashville!!

    July 2, 2009 at 9:14 am

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