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BoSton CreAm PiE CupCake

So, I discovered Curious Gourmet Cupcakes on twitter @cupcakecafe – BIG MISTAKE…they tweet the flavor of the day and today it was Boston Cream Pie…and well Julie’s B day is coming up in the next few months so I thought how better to celebrate than to enjoy one of her all time FaV things!

For those who aren’t local, we have had 3 days in a row that have been OMG so awesome weather wise, so I popped the top and headed downtown Franklin to scope out the cupcakes! I went after the lunch crowd and got a sweet spot on the street, such a charming little town square! Anywho, dropped by and they only had 1 left, it had my name written ALL over it! Picked them up, and strapped them in for the ride home….

It was SOOOOO yummo, has cream in the middle…melted in my mouth!

And I had to try the Pretty Pretty Pink Princess Cupcake as well…will review that one tonight or tomorow!

Boston Cream Pie
Boston Cream Pie is a round cupcake with a cream or custard filling and topped with chocolate glaze. The custard is usually vanilla.

The cake was first made in 1856 and originally went by the names Chocolate Cream Pie and Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie.
Actually a cake, not a pie
Created by French Chef M. Sanzian
Created at the Parker House Hotel in Boston
Recipe first printed in 1879 in the Housekeeping in Old Virginia cookbook
Massachusetts state dessert as of 1996

Curious Gourmet, Main Street, Franklin, TN

Curious Gourmet Main St. Franklin, TN

Boston Cream Pie

Pretty Pretty Pink Princess


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