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Cars, Cupcakes & “I Declare”

So, I like a good challenge just like everyone else…I might like them spaced out a little more sometimes but BRING IT ON BABY!

So I decided I needed to bring some cupcakes to a bridal shower scheduled for 6pm tonight. So I pop the top, turn up the tunes and head to Cupcake Collection in Germantown AKA downtown NashVegas. I picked up 2 boxes of love, packed them tight in the trunk o benz…and head home to make some lunch and get some work done.

I’m in lane 3 of a 4 lane hwy (40 & some place I never go, especially with the top down, and never alone) cruzin about 70 when I felt my wheel do something funny. From my car racing days..(Jules you rem the ol camero) I knew it was either brakes, or steering. Just knew it wasn’t good and I was in the wrong ass lane going too fast. “oh fart” went through my head…except I knew I couldn’t freak so I slowed down, somehow made it across 3 lanes and stopped on the shoulder.

Cars were zooming past me, It wasn’t a great place to be stuck on a frwy alone so I decided the off ramp looked straight enough I would pray to God I wouldn’t get run over, and that the shoulder wouldn’t the same time praying to God I wouldn’t hit anyone…I was at the top of a hill and had no idea what was off the ramp, I just prayed as my wheel got tighter and tighter.

As I was praying the traffic parted and rays of sunshine pointed out the Midas shop on the corner. I thought there was no way in hell I could turn my wheel to get in the driveway but hell if I was going down now.

Pulled my baby in there, looked under the car and there was the power steering fluid, see pic. This was noonish so I was not at all concerned with the shower I needed to be at to take pics at 6pm. I’m thinking this is a hose or something simple…positive polly!

So they pull my car right on in and open that bad boy up see pic, and the exp gentleman comes around the to the chair with his estimate and says “don’t shoot the messenger”. WHAT? then he tells me it’s the thingie pulley dohickie that holds the big ass belt in place that runs everything in the motor. It’s shredded and it’s going to be $1,000. I am strong but I am a girl who was just going to get some dang cupcakes…I feel the tears coming…and I looked at him and excused myself outside, I knew I was going to spew some big tears. I went outside around the building and spewed tears, sat on the curb spewed some more…tried reaching my Dad, God love all Dads, he wasn’t there so I had to pony up and deal with this.

So my guy friend texts me, I am in NO shape to talk to anyone but my Dad at this point. So I tell my guy friend I can’t talk now I have big girl life choices to make. He called me. I spewed, waawaa waa wa charlie brown is I’m sure what it sounded like. So he figures out that I’m okay, and my car is broken, so he asks where I am..hell if I I had to go inside and grab a card…and the “messenger” says “you know you’re killing me, I have a daughter your age…” meanwhile my guy friend sends out a gps tracking thingie on me and figures out where I am and calls the “messenger” and figures out what parts I need. Then the guy friend calls his peeps and gets the run down on what the parts should cost and realizes I’m getting ripped off.

Did I mention my guy friend is in FL? yeah, so his hands are full…he calls the Mercedes dealership in Franklin, confirms that they have the parts I needed gets them to commit to getting my car fixed and me home by 5:30 so I can make the shower…and scheduled the tow truck to come pick up my car from the Midas and take me and my broken car to Franklin Mercedes. Oh and all together dealership and towing was going to run me $600 instead of 1k. See pic

So mr happy flatbed tow dude picks me and my car up at 3:10 I tell him about my guy friend that has made the dealership aware that we are coming and I have told him they have the parts pulled and ready for me when we get there…he smiled and told me I was nuts if I thought I was getting my car fixed today and he thought I should call a ride. So I didn’t I was going to show him!

Sure as my guy friend said, Amanda knew I was coming, I met with my service advisor who thought I was crazy to think I was getting my car back today..I informed him of my guy friends prep, I was holding 2 boxes of Nashville’s finest cupcakes and hell if I wasn’t getting the that damn shower tonight by 6pm.

Mr Service man asked for my name, then he told me his preachers last name was Lavender…I TOLD HIM THAT WAS A SIGN FROM GOD, he’d better get crackin. And he did..and I held these little cupcakes as bait…I told him he could have them if he would get me out of there and home by 5:30. (after I left one in Mr happy tow truck seat for him for being such a nice man and hauling balls to Franklin)

I sat in the lobby and twittered and 5:15 rolled around and I heard “ms Lavender” to which I smiled, he said I have some news for you…he said we got it all done except one little bolt, we looked high and low and had to order it from CA….so I’ve got a brand new Benz as a loaner for you to take home. see picture.

My guy friend gets BIG SNAPS, Mr. Midas (who made me call him to tell him I was okay so he could sleep tonight) gets snaps, Mr Happy Tow truck man got big snaps, a cupcake and a laugh…and Mr Service man got cupcakes, and I was on the road and home by 5:45, showered and at the shower by 6:15 rocking a new benz as a loaner that I might have to keep over the weekend….darn!



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