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The Cupcake Countdown..GO!

The Cupcake Countdown

I’ve been craving a sweet cupcake
You know the kind that takes your breath away
So I’m here in cupcake heaven counting the minutes till they open the gates
9:49 only 11 more minutes and I’m in..tap tap those toes
9:50 can I last another 10 min? Tap tap
9:51 oh how much more can I take please give me the cake!
9:52 oh what can I do for 8 more min..tap tap
9:53 oh! I’ll walk to the end of the street to kill time to wait for my treat
9:54 oh lordie I’m not waiting very well, oh I can smell the smell
9:55 I can last just 5 more minutes tap tap
9:56 I think I’m gonna faint, how long must I wait
9:57 3 more minutes I can do this tap tap these toes
9:58 do u think I can wish their clock to 10:00am? Tap tap
9:59 I think I’m going to cry, see I need to get in, where are them?
10:00 whooopppieee yeehawwwww it’s time for a big’s time to GO IN!
Shelbi Lavender
Copyright reserved
July 8, 2009


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