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**I FOUND IT! The Happiest Cupcake in the WORLD!**

So yeah, I’ve been thinking of ways to share cupcakes with everyone…so today I went and met with Mr. Noel aka Christie Cookie King to share a few ideas for him to chew on.  The skinny – he and I are talking in a week (they just opened the coolest smoothie shop in the Greenhills cool is that?) and he seems to think we might be able to figure it all out. 

As I was sniffing around…how can you not go in Christies Cookies without having Gelato…a world famous Cookie..and ohhhhhh the Cupcake?  Well let me tell you…it’s a MUST.  My nose went right over to the cupcake display and there it was…was just screaming HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  Allow me to introduce Mr. Happiest Cupcake in the WORLD and friends,  Apple Pie Love and TOUCHDOWN BABY!  (*and the crowd goes ohhhhhh*)

all 3

happiest cupcake in the world


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