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What if there were NO MORE CUPCAKES

What would my world look like if I didn’t know exactly where I could go at anytime to grab a happy cupcake?

Do you know the only reason I love to hike is because it makes it okay for me to eat a cupcake? Do you know I just like driving downtown Franklin just so I can open the door to Naticakes and smell the sweet sunshine? I really do..and I never know what or who’s going to be there to greet me with a smile and have me ask them which cupcakes have the “goo” in the middle..lordie I love my goo!

So last week I went in for a moment of sunshine and there were pup cakes….what? yes…for dogs! I loved it…then she brought around a magical tray filled with these ball things…she called the nati-bites-I call them heaven. They are perfecting the nati-bites to be able to ship and share with everyone around the world!  That’s a LOT of sunshine!

So today I’m thinking if Naticakes wasn’t blessing us everyday my life wouldn’t be nearly as sweet and fun as it is today….thank you naticakes!3946303966_25a32490de


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