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What CuP HoLdeRs were REALLY made FoR!

it’s been a while…I know I know, you missed me but I’ve been BUSY working on a book you know…for 15th anv of Monell’s – coffee table photog book as well as a cookbook. Met with publishers last week..shot all 4 locations…lordie it’s been crazy and fun all wrapped into 1 cute package.

So back to the important subject..cupcakes….I was out today top popped on the baby benz wind through my hair when I decided to make a trip to downtown Franklin, TN. Seems the car points that direction whenever it can..I think the baby benz has a crush….on Naticakes! Suits me just fine…don’t think there will ever be a day I will find a better cupcake – EVA!

I always park as far away as possible, my mind seems to think I can eat however many cupcakes I want as long as I work for them…so if I get a close spot I can only have 1..and if I have to park in the garage on 4th I can get 2 only if they SCREAM at me when I open the door. If you’ve ever had a Naticake you know they SCREAMMMMMM LOOUUUDDDDD…

Just as you would think the very second I put my hand on the Nati-Door I heard it….the sreams from the well as all the chatter from the full house! It seems word has gotten out about Naticakes and the place is always packed….which is fine…they always make plenty of cupcakes!

Wouldn’t you know they just happened to run out of single boxes when I got up to the front…I couldn’t just let 1 cupcake be all lonley in a 4 box…fill’er up I told the cute little Nati-Lady…

So there I was all these cupcakes and I was thinking there was NO way I could wait till I got home so I broke into the box and cut the top off the devils food cupcake while shifting…well I took a few licks of that one and decided I wanted some of the orange dream cucpake – it just looked too pretty not to be eaten however, there was nowhere to put them down…that’s when it HIT ME…the cup holder is actually really a CUPCAKE HOLDER! GENIUS thinking if I do say so myself! The perfect size..LOOK!

now if I can just figure out why they only have 2 cupcake holders in the baby benzo…..


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