Kickass Couture Accessories


So..been working on the fact so much I’ve not been as good getting my cupcakes in as I should.  Today I decided to be a GOOD CUPCAKE I headed out in the baby benzo to my FAV cupcake location in Franklin, TN Naticakes (makes my mouth water just to type this blog). 

Of course I open the Nati-door and whooooosssshhhhhhh the smell of fresh baked cupcakes…it’s like that cartoon with the snake eyes that go all silly..that’s what the smell does to me when I open the Nati-door.  Who’s with me on this one?  Lordie, we need to bottle that smell and make Nati-home spray and Nati-candles.  I bet they would fly off the shelf!  OK, back to the story….

I usually get my Naticake to go however, I decided to plant my rear and people watch.  OH OH lordie can’t believe I didn’t mention….hello Chocolate Peanut Butter dreamiest cupcake yet.  New flavor..and it has GOO!  Huge fan of the GOO in the middle Naticakes HUGE….however, before I could dig in a huge group of younger less exp cupcake fans came in…one claimed the line of tables on the left…I knew they were here for a long while.  They were having a little Naticake love time togetha…I just love that.  THEN…4 more exp Nati-lova’s came in – these were the fully decked,  big huge bling, vuitton, dior sporting SKINNYYYY Nati-lova’s (we come in all shapes and sizes). 

As I was listening to the orders…they all ordered Nati-chinno’s and then they were all deciding which cupcake they were going to SPLIT..STOP RIGHT THERE..did you hear me?  SPLIT?  a NATICAKE?  how do you split a Naticake 4 ways?  are they nuts?  right then I decided they were nuts!  Then I decided I would rather be fat and have my OWN NATICAKE thank you…and then I felt sorry for the skinny Nati-lova’s…I can’t imagine having that kind of control!  If Nati-team would let me…I would dive head first into the cupcakes and I wouldn’t come up for air..who needs air when you have Naticakes cupcakes?  So I thought…JUST EAT ALREADY SKINNY NATI-LOVA’s! FREE YO-SELF..



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