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Celebrating 1st Year-ish

So today…ahhhhhhh…very interesting start.  Had early meeting with publisher and had a text from my friend D while getting ready.  We have been having photog dialog which got me to thinking…D and his son T were my very first official photo shoot eva!  I shot some pictures of them for his Mom’s Christmas gift and it happened to be about this time of year…I thought it was 2 years ago however, D reminded me it was last year. 

At that point I started thinking back…it has only been 1 year since I felt confident enough in my photog abilities to actually charge money for photos.  Well lordie, what a dang year it’s been…someone opened those gates and life took off along with my photography! YEAH ME!

Oh and I need to mention….D, T, L, A have had a hell of a year as well…they hired me Nov 08, Dec 08 for Christmas cards, March 09 for engagement photo’s, then again in May 09 for a wedding!  Seems my friends and I don’t waste time…ha!THANK YOU CLARKS FOR ALL THE BUSINESS..KEEP IT COMIN!

So back to today…blowing through the past year, there’s been weddings, PR pics, holidays, lots of shoots, recent shoots like baby Hayden, Sloans, Dovers the Monell’s 15th anv book deal, pics published…and they keep coming!  That being said…I decided to celebrate with a Naticake cupcake.  I haven’t been in  a week or so and was missing my cupcakes. 

I just finished my meeting with the Monell’s publisher and decided to take my files in and enjoy a little time sitting down and enjoying my cupcake.  It was funny, I found myself helping the lady in front of me decide which ones she wanted…I was really just wanting her to hurry so I could get my cupcake and then 2 sisters came in behind me.  They wanted to know what a Naticake was, well they sure asked the right person!  See they weren’t from around here, they were here from KY so I got to start at the beginning with them and share they were the best cupcakes in the world, then they had to try the Natichino…and then I started in sharing Nati story, mission, and Naticlub info.  Before they hit the counter they were both so excited they even bought matching Nati-shirts! 

We all sat together and shared stories, the Nati story hit home personally for them so we shared a nice time chatting and learning about each other.  It really reminded me how very important it is to always be open and avail to never know who might need you to listen, or who might be there to listen to you.  They were both 2 of the neatest,  most creative, caring people I have met in a long while.  We all shared a hug before I sent them to Monell’s for lunch around the corner.  I’m assuming they prob rolled back to KY so full from all the food…ha anyway…I wanted to share a picture of them as well as a picture of the write-up on Naticakes that included one of my photos..what a great wrap up to a blessed 1st-ish year!

Thank you Naticakes for being a part of my celebration!


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  1. Congrats on the First Year , Shelbi!. Many more to come as well!..

    Karl W Klambauer

    November 18, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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