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*sounds alarms* FiDDLe CaKes *NeW BaKerY – CaFe – CoFFee*

So there I was reading my Nashville Scene cover to cover..have to keep up with everything as you know…when there is was…an ad for Fiddle Cakes.  First thought, I laughed..what a silly name then I saw the picture of 2 cupcakes….HIT THE BRAKES LORDIE THERE’S A NEW KID IN TOWN! 

Well as you all know I take my cupcake crown VERY seriously here in NashVegas and heck if I was going to let this one go for too long.  SO I hopped in the baby benzo and headed for 8th AVE SOUTH baby!  Really easy to find and in a cute house…yes the first thing I did was check the door knob – it was original hardware VERY IMPRESSED.  Walked in not a cupcake in site…however, I wanted to dive head first into the display case of yummies! 

Of course my first question was “where are you hiding the cupcakes” I’m sure the look on my face was priceless..she let me know they keep them in the fridge to keep the butter cream fresh…oh lordie BuTTeR CreAm.  She then offered me a mini Red Velvet delight and I took 1 of each of the cupcakes they offered yesterday.  Of course she just had to tell me about all the other great things they offered in addition to cupcakes (I was really standing there with my fingers in my ears saying lalalalalalalalal) it’s a European Cafe with anything and everything you would want shi shi as well as CoFFee! 

Here’s a link about the chef

Customer Review “Lindsay Beckner and Tasha Ross opened Fiddle Cakes as a Melrose bakery and cafe. Yummy gourmet cupcakes and big cakes are flavored with common flavors like carrot, strawberry, chocolate and apple. A half dozen cookie varieties are baked as well as brownies. Baked goods are mostly desserts. Cafe paninis, sandwiches, salads and soups are good for lunch. If you come in weekdays at 7am for a breakfast snack try the quiche or yogurt parfait.”

What you really want to know is what did I think?  VERY GOOD – and they deliver in Nashville!  They are also working on shipping cupcakes – they do ship cookies and other for the holidays for gifts.  I will be headed back to try some…but I have a feeling you might be needing to order some if the other yummies are as good as the cupcakes!  More soon…promise!


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