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Say it ain’t so…a brownie?

So I thought I was going to FiddleCakes today for lunch..was thinking warm soup…when I walked in the guy in front of me ordered a brownie…so the soup idea flew out the door!  I found myself standing in front of the display case drooling over all the great looking treats…then decided I was having a brownie and hot chocolate…a girl can neva have enough chocolate.  Did I mention the brownie was the size of my head?  oh yes..this was a BBBRRRROOOOOWWNNIIIEEEE baby.

So I decided to have a seat and enjoy my brownie the size of my head and hot chocolate while I tweeted “na nah nana” out to 17, 000 followers on twitter.  I just love rubbing it in that I’m running around having fun yapping about brownies and cupcakes!

So the low down, the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.  I have no idea what’s in it but it is sooooo good and not too much chocolate.  The good I swear I almost had to start a new blog fortheloveofbrownies and maybe that’s the next step in my cupcake filled fun life! 

SO if you have a chance go by and visit Fiddle Cakes  on Eighth Avenue South, between Douglas and Bradford. If you have a party coming up be sure to swing by and order a cake! 


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