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If you don’t do it…Christie Cookie JUST IN TIME FOR VaLeNtInEs DAY!

I was planning on a cupcake review today until Noel from Christie Cookie said “you should come by and try our Valentines Shortbread cookie” – first thought…Noel KNOWS I am the cupcake queen, he MUST BEEE REEAALLLYYYY confident in these shortbread cookies to even mention them to me over a cupcake.

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect cookie.  DO IT….1..2..3…GO!!!!  Now, did you imagine a shortbread cookie?  Lordie I would neva have either…until my little trip to Christie Cookie today!

The cookie is homemade with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, hand rolled and oven baked with love and care. It emerges from the oven evenly baked with a hardy exterior, but the inside is melt-in-your mouth moist. The thin layer of satiny frosting boasts a depth of flavor so unexpected it stuns the senses. However, this rich flavor does not overwhelm the taste buds, but rather surprises and entices them into always wanting more and more…and can you believe I am NOT talking about a cupcake? 

Just so you are aware they ship!!  DID YOU HEAR ME????  THEY SHIP…MEANING GET ONLINE AND ORDER NOW – you know I do NOT waste words!  They’ve been perfecting the cookie for 25 years…who else would you order from?  Be sure to tell them I said HELLO…


One response

  1. At first I was going to blast you for being unfaithful to cupcakes, but after reading this, I understand:)

    February 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm

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