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Oh I DeCLarE…I did some digging! Naticakes in the News?

SO…woke up to my cupcake alarm clock “ding ding” it was time for anotha cupcake adventure.  I decided to head down to good ol downtown Franklin, TN and see what sort of trouble I could get into. 

Tweeted the usual ” “sounds alarms* let’s roll” and all of twitterville seemed to be needing a cupcake fix along with me.  First stop…Naticakes for some Nati-Chino and Nati-bites.  Hold onto your skirts ladies and gentlemen…I walked in and right in the middle of Naticakes was News 2 my Fav Julie Kroenig, WKRN Anchor/Reporter with her crew interviewing owner Nicole Sloane!  Lordie, I know how to sniff out cupcake FUN!

You all know me…always have my camera handy…so as she was interviewing her I whipped out my big girl camera and started shooting!  This was like heaven for me!  I tried not to be a I stood right there next the camera and  Photojournalist Mr Ken Wilson and listened quietly..sort of while snapping pictures and smelling all the cupcakes! 

As I listened what I heard wasn’t about cupcakes…it was all about Naticakes story and mission  Look at Nicole Sloanes face…tell me that woman is NOT on a freakin mission!  Lordie…someone give that girl a cupcake…she’s got passion flowing out of her ears  ” Whether it’s cupcakes, coffee or conversation, we hope to “make your life a little sweeter” at Naticakes! In honor of my niece (Nati), our mission at Naticakes is to generate awareness and funds for the Natalie Wynn Carter Foundation.”

So of course after the interview I sat down and broke cupcake with Julie Kroenig, WKRN Anchor/Reporter it turns out she is a cupcakeluva too *poof* we were instant cupcake friends!  As you all know I love makin new cupcake friends!!  Well it seems Julie had been on a similar path as I..except her path was Positively Tennessee – ish sharing the coolest most positive stories of Tennessee businesses…she and I talked cupcake about all the great cupcake stories and missions of our local businesses. 

So…I got to thinkin and I came up with the GREATEST IDEA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…however, you will have to wait to hear about it in my next cupcake adventure blog.  Until then click here to see the interview and meet my new cupcake friends!

CLICK LINK TO VIEW STORY: cupcake luvah friends!



2 responses

  1. Such a great story!! So excited for you that you got to be there while filming! 🙂

    February 19, 2010 at 9:46 am

  2. I know…I felt all important like..ha! I think I’m going to sniff out anotha cupcake adventure today!

    February 19, 2010 at 10:06 am

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