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YoGuRt & CupCakes! I DECLARE!

So I thought I had heard of it all…until I got a call from Nicole Sloane owner of Naticakes located in Downtown Franklin, TN.  She called to invite me to a sneak peek opening of a NEW LOCATION…HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING?  NEWWWWWWWWW LOOCCCAAATIOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!  See, that’s what happens when you love you some cupcakes…you get the skinny…no not SKINNY – THE SKINNY.

So she tells me this new location is not going to be called Naticakes but Naticreme…what do you think I asked her next?  duh!  I was about to go into a long speech about how Naticakes is the best cupcake in town and why in the world would she change the name….she stopped me in my tracks, girl must have known what was coming.  She said this was a yogurt & cupcake place….and it is still with the Nati-mission whew!

She wouldn’t share any other information with me except the address and time to be there.  They are officially opening up to the public Tuesday June 16th at 4115 Mallory Lane, Cool Springs, TN.  I will be there Monday night and have a full review for you WITH PICTURES Tuesday.  This is something I’ve never heard of before….I just can’t wait!


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