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WHAT? YoGuRt & CUPCAKES? Oh LorDie! (oh and a cause…)

So…I’m VIP, wait…maybe not but a girl can pretend!  Well did YOU get the memo?  You know the one…about the GRAND OPENING of Nati*Creme?  I know I know…all I talk about is Nati this and Nati that but when you have some Naticakes Cupcakes then you understand the Nati-chat!

So…back to this cupcake yogurt stuff…have you ever heard of this?  How many of you have wanted a little treat YOUR WAY?  Well Nati-cake-creme is ALL ABOUT YOU BABY!  So where is this Nati*Creme place?  4115 Mallory Lane, Cool Springs, TN (yes, they keep getting closer to my house – love them) they are in this brand new little shopping center across from a high school (brilliant thinking) next to Garlic Jims (so perfect date place..kill the garlic with a Nati-Treat after dinner) and they have seating outdoors, indoors, lots of room for parties and I hear they cater too!  I bet they have a Nati-Van and could you imagine a Nati-Party?  You would be the talk of the town for sure..and this town talks as we all KNOW!

What is it all about?  (don’t tell but there’s a cause – I’m just pretending it’s about a naked cupcake) for me it’s about a “Naked Cupcake” yes, I get to dress it however I want to dress it.  SO, if I’m in charge of my “Naked Cupcake” then I’m going to dress it with frozen yogurt, fruit loops (cause I’m a fruit loop), fresh fruit, a few m&m’s, some chocolate chips, and top it with a shot of BUTTERCREAM ICING BABY!  Now how brilliant is this whole Nati-Creme concept?

I want to know HOW WOULD YOU BUILD YOUR “Naked Cupcake”?

**naticakes + nati*creme exist to generate revenue and awareness for the natalie wynn carter foundation, in memory of our owner’s niece, natalie. visit:

the foundation is currently building a playground at a special needs orphanage in china for “maria’s big house of hope,” created in memory of maria chapman, through “show hope.” visit: **


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