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SO…I went 50 days without a cupcake….get off the floor, I know, it’s SOOOO crazy! So today I was determined to stop and enjoy a Fiddlecakes Cupcake…I walked in and of course there were others there having lunch! If you haven’t tried Fiddlecakes, you are missing out….They are a bakery/cafe with coffee and other beverage offerings. They also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and GFCF options. They are a great option for corporate celebration or catered event.

So I picked the key lime cupcake and it was light, fluffy, and moist all at the same time, with a tart flavor from the frosting that gave my face just the right amount of pucker. It was also the perfect size- big enough for multiple heavenly bites. It was the perfect choice…so today I think I will go back for the Weekly special: Coconut Cream Pie and they have a GF version!!! Vegan snickerdoodle cookies, brownies, carrot and vanilla cupcakes. GF cranberry almond muffins, brownies, chocolate chip pecan cookies and cupcakes! In case you were wondering… it is a perfect day for a fiddle-nic!


One response

  1. oh my, now i have a sudden craving for one too with a coffee..

    August 6, 2010 at 1:54 pm

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