Kickass Couture Accessories


Today is October 22, 2010 and I have officially beaten Mitzi’s yearly – Dear Family..the holidays are right around the corner and I want your list of what you want for Christmas. Because I’m Mitzi, the organized, always thinking, always planning, master of all, beautiful, whip crakin’ sister! (we loves her for that)

SO today I am starting my list, and you may ref back to this list, I will be adding things as I discover I have to have them!

1. Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume (I do not have any perfume, the ass stole it so this is a please please and thank you must)

2. Chi flat iron (mine was being shared and it has finally given up and is headed to chi heaven)

3. Good Shampoo and Conditioner (please see beautiful Mommy Lindsey for ideas and discount)

That will be all for today. Carry on!

Love you with all my heart,
Aunt Shelbi


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