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I don’t trick or treat…unless you are givin out CUPCAKES

It’s just not worth it…candy that is.  I would rather have a big ol frosting topped circle of LOVE BABY…the CUPCAKE!

SO instead …I scrapped Halloween and  decided I would set up shop at Monells Germantown in the garden and share my lovely personalized gifts with the world!  Thank you world for making that a profitable choice!  Love you all.

I tweeted Saturday night, there would be no trick or treating for me unless you gave out cupcakes…seems I picked up a cupcake chat with Nashville’s @christnemaddela (Christine Maddela, Weekend Anchor/ Reporter WKRN- TV, News 2 in Nashville, TN; Also, founder of CM Consulting, Media management media training and consulting) and @bigjoeonthego (Joe Dubin 8 Time Emmy Nominated Reporter in Nashville, who is completely badass!! <-ha, his bio) I  decided we should share Nashville’s finest cupcakes from Fiddlecakes for Halloweenie with the channel 2 news team!

SO…I picked up the cupcake bat phone and of course Fiddlecakes was happy to help…at the very last possible moment, on a Sunday…when they were about to close…ha!  I love those Fiddlecakes peeps, they get the importance of the CUPCAKE…so they made a special order and had them waiting there for me!  MUAH….

SO….I have decided I will now share cupcakes with others on halloweenie instead of trick or treating.  It’s a new rule and SOOOOO much fun!!!  Thank you Fiddlecakes for making my new tradition PERFECT in every way!


One response

  1. I love Fiddlecakes! Gigi’s is our other favorite local cupcake bakery.

    November 22, 2010 at 11:10 am

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