Kickass Couture Accessories


Shelbi Cash is an artist, a photographer, and a lover of cupcakes.  She is blessed with ability to make one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art.  Her extraordinary work has been seen by millions of people on Season 10 of American Idol and several seasons of The Voice, and many magazines and TV shows.  Because she has set down her roots in the Music City, it is no wonder she has been embraced by the musicians of every genre who live and work there.  You might even that Shelbi Lavender is the creator of Kickass Couture.

This take-no-prisoners personality has her heart stolen by her skinny dog and her talented singer songwriter husband Mark Alan Cash. She is as unique as the artwork she creates.  If you want to make a statement, feel special, or stand out, a Shelbi Cash accessory is the only way to go.  She loves the emotional response her work stirs in her clients.  So many things are woven into each necklace, bracelet and cuff.  Sometimes it\’s a momento, a phrase, a cross, a gemstone.  You want to dress up your favorite shoes or hat? She calls it “frosting” and can change those shoes into something spectacular.  You can find her on Facebook, Twitter , instagram, Pinterest.