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Fiddle-ganache Chocolate Macaroons better than a cupcake?

Fiddlecakes has done it again!  They keep making things outside my cupcake comfort zone…and keep blowing me away! Velvety  chocolate ganache filling was to die for. The whole thing just melted in my mouth!  This is a weekly special this week.  I almost like it better than a cupcake…just look at it.  omg

If you haven’t been in a must stop in


I don’t trick or treat…unless you are givin out CUPCAKES

It’s just not worth it…candy that is.  I would rather have a big ol frosting topped circle of LOVE BABY…the CUPCAKE!

SO instead …I scrapped Halloween and  decided I would set up shop at Monells Germantown in the garden and share my lovely personalized gifts with the world!  Thank you world for making that a profitable choice!  Love you all.

I tweeted Saturday night, there would be no trick or treating for me unless you gave out cupcakes…seems I picked up a cupcake chat with Nashville’s @christnemaddela (Christine Maddela, Weekend Anchor/ Reporter WKRN- TV, News 2 in Nashville, TN; Also, founder of CM Consulting, Media management media training and consulting) and @bigjoeonthego (Joe Dubin 8 Time Emmy Nominated Reporter in Nashville, who is completely badass!! <-ha, his bio) I  decided we should share Nashville’s finest cupcakes from Fiddlecakes for Halloweenie with the channel 2 news team!

SO…I picked up the cupcake bat phone and of course Fiddlecakes was happy to help…at the very last possible moment, on a Sunday…when they were about to close…ha!  I love those Fiddlecakes peeps, they get the importance of the CUPCAKE…so they made a special order and had them waiting there for me!  MUAH….

SO….I have decided I will now share cupcakes with others on halloweenie instead of trick or treating.  It’s a new rule and SOOOOO much fun!!!  Thank you Fiddlecakes for making my new tradition PERFECT in every way!


Today is October 22, 2010 and I have officially beaten Mitzi’s yearly – Dear Family..the holidays are right around the corner and I want your list of what you want for Christmas. Because I’m Mitzi, the organized, always thinking, always planning, master of all, beautiful, whip crakin’ sister! (we loves her for that)

SO today I am starting my list, and you may ref back to this list, I will be adding things as I discover I have to have them!

1. Thierry Mugler Womanity perfume (I do not have any perfume, the ass stole it so this is a please please and thank you must)

2. Chi flat iron (mine was being shared and it has finally given up and is headed to chi heaven)

3. Good Shampoo and Conditioner (please see beautiful Mommy Lindsey for ideas and discount)

That will be all for today. Carry on!

Love you with all my heart,
Aunt Shelbi

GueSS WHO TURNED 1 TODAY? Only the BEST cupcake in Nashville FIDDLECAKES!

SO I was so very excited to be invited to Fiddlecakes 1st Birthday PARTY…and you know what else I heard? Fiddlecakes is opening location #2 – January 10th across from Cummins Station…WHOOT twice the fun!

So here’s what was on the menu today…all sorts of goodies today. Pumpkin cheesecake, gingersnap cookies, red velvet cupcakes, almond cupcakes, chocolate chip cupcakes, and so much more!
Soups are Roasted Red Pepper and Smoked Gouda and Tomato Basil (GF). Below are some pics from the beginning of the party…

How to Make Jewelry AND EAT CUPCAKES…and sell JEWELRY!

So I did it today…I got to work, eat cupcakes, sell, and eat more cupcakes! So here’s what you do, go to Fiddlecakes, have a fiddlenick, bring a book, hobby, whateva…and DO IT!

That right there is a CUPCAKE to bow down and thank GOD for creating! It’s Tiramisu cupcake and boy howdy was it great! I think you all should RUN OUT RIGHT NOW AND GET THEM…before I eat them all!

DO back..tell me what you think of it…GO!


SO…I went 50 days without a cupcake….get off the floor, I know, it’s SOOOO crazy! So today I was determined to stop and enjoy a Fiddlecakes Cupcake…I walked in and of course there were others there having lunch! If you haven’t tried Fiddlecakes, you are missing out….They are a bakery/cafe with coffee and other beverage offerings. They also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and GFCF options. They are a great option for corporate celebration or catered event.

So I picked the key lime cupcake and it was light, fluffy, and moist all at the same time, with a tart flavor from the frosting that gave my face just the right amount of pucker. It was also the perfect size- big enough for multiple heavenly bites. It was the perfect choice…so today I think I will go back for the Weekly special: Coconut Cream Pie and they have a GF version!!! Vegan snickerdoodle cookies, brownies, carrot and vanilla cupcakes. GF cranberry almond muffins, brownies, chocolate chip pecan cookies and cupcakes! In case you were wondering… it is a perfect day for a fiddle-nic!

WHAT? YoGuRt & CUPCAKES? Oh LorDie! (oh and a cause…)

So…I’m VIP, wait…maybe not but a girl can pretend!  Well did YOU get the memo?  You know the one…about the GRAND OPENING of Nati*Creme?  I know I know…all I talk about is Nati this and Nati that but when you have some Naticakes Cupcakes then you understand the Nati-chat!

So…back to this cupcake yogurt stuff…have you ever heard of this?  How many of you have wanted a little treat YOUR WAY?  Well Nati-cake-creme is ALL ABOUT YOU BABY!  So where is this Nati*Creme place?  4115 Mallory Lane, Cool Springs, TN (yes, they keep getting closer to my house – love them) they are in this brand new little shopping center across from a high school (brilliant thinking) next to Garlic Jims (so perfect date place..kill the garlic with a Nati-Treat after dinner) and they have seating outdoors, indoors, lots of room for parties and I hear they cater too!  I bet they have a Nati-Van and could you imagine a Nati-Party?  You would be the talk of the town for sure..and this town talks as we all KNOW!

What is it all about?  (don’t tell but there’s a cause – I’m just pretending it’s about a naked cupcake) for me it’s about a “Naked Cupcake” yes, I get to dress it however I want to dress it.  SO, if I’m in charge of my “Naked Cupcake” then I’m going to dress it with frozen yogurt, fruit loops (cause I’m a fruit loop), fresh fruit, a few m&m’s, some chocolate chips, and top it with a shot of BUTTERCREAM ICING BABY!  Now how brilliant is this whole Nati-Creme concept?

I want to know HOW WOULD YOU BUILD YOUR “Naked Cupcake”?

**naticakes + nati*creme exist to generate revenue and awareness for the natalie wynn carter foundation, in memory of our owner’s niece, natalie. visit:

the foundation is currently building a playground at a special needs orphanage in china for “maria’s big house of hope,” created in memory of maria chapman, through “show hope.” visit: **

YoGuRt & CupCakes! I DECLARE!

So I thought I had heard of it all…until I got a call from Nicole Sloane owner of Naticakes located in Downtown Franklin, TN.  She called to invite me to a sneak peek opening of a NEW LOCATION…HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING?  NEWWWWWWWWW LOOCCCAAATIOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!  See, that’s what happens when you love you some cupcakes…you get the skinny…no not SKINNY – THE SKINNY.

So she tells me this new location is not going to be called Naticakes but Naticreme…what do you think I asked her next?  duh!  I was about to go into a long speech about how Naticakes is the best cupcake in town and why in the world would she change the name….she stopped me in my tracks, girl must have known what was coming.  She said this was a yogurt & cupcake place….and it is still with the Nati-mission whew!

She wouldn’t share any other information with me except the address and time to be there.  They are officially opening up to the public Tuesday June 16th at 4115 Mallory Lane, Cool Springs, TN.  I will be there Monday night and have a full review for you WITH PICTURES Tuesday.  This is something I’ve never heard of before….I just can’t wait!

I cheated – Fiddle-me-silly!

Fiddlecakes…you know the one, on 8th.  So yesterday there was something they posted on facebook!/FiddleCakesBakery?ref=ts —- if you aren’t a fan yet DO IT…anyway the fiddle-team posted something about Strawberry Key Lime Pie…so I went in this am for some fiddle-coffee and had to ask about the Strawberry Key Lime Fiddle-Pie…there was 1 pc left.  I bought it…then a customer came in asking about it…I told Lindsay to go ahead and let her have it.  Well just so happened she magically found another piece for me in the kitchen!  WHOOHOOOOOO

Fiddlecakes makes a unique strawberry key lime pie, that almost has cheesecake consistency. It has a key lime flavor, tart, but also the right amount of sweetness. The pie is very flaky, and even crumbled when it was cut, and crumbles some more when eaten. This crumbliness is a good quality, in my opinion. This was my favorite key lime pie eva….so much they inspired me to make a Strawberry Key Lime Fiddle-Ring!

Oh I DeCLarE…I did some digging! Naticakes in the News?

SO…woke up to my cupcake alarm clock “ding ding” it was time for anotha cupcake adventure.  I decided to head down to good ol downtown Franklin, TN and see what sort of trouble I could get into. 

Tweeted the usual ” “sounds alarms* let’s roll” and all of twitterville seemed to be needing a cupcake fix along with me.  First stop…Naticakes for some Nati-Chino and Nati-bites.  Hold onto your skirts ladies and gentlemen…I walked in and right in the middle of Naticakes was News 2 my Fav Julie Kroenig, WKRN Anchor/Reporter with her crew interviewing owner Nicole Sloane!  Lordie, I know how to sniff out cupcake FUN!

You all know me…always have my camera handy…so as she was interviewing her I whipped out my big girl camera and started shooting!  This was like heaven for me!  I tried not to be a I stood right there next the camera and  Photojournalist Mr Ken Wilson and listened quietly..sort of while snapping pictures and smelling all the cupcakes! 

As I listened what I heard wasn’t about cupcakes…it was all about Naticakes story and mission  Look at Nicole Sloanes face…tell me that woman is NOT on a freakin mission!  Lordie…someone give that girl a cupcake…she’s got passion flowing out of her ears  ” Whether it’s cupcakes, coffee or conversation, we hope to “make your life a little sweeter” at Naticakes! In honor of my niece (Nati), our mission at Naticakes is to generate awareness and funds for the Natalie Wynn Carter Foundation.”

So of course after the interview I sat down and broke cupcake with Julie Kroenig, WKRN Anchor/Reporter it turns out she is a cupcakeluva too *poof* we were instant cupcake friends!  As you all know I love makin new cupcake friends!!  Well it seems Julie had been on a similar path as I..except her path was Positively Tennessee – ish sharing the coolest most positive stories of Tennessee businesses…she and I talked cupcake about all the great cupcake stories and missions of our local businesses. 

So…I got to thinkin and I came up with the GREATEST IDEA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD…however, you will have to wait to hear about it in my next cupcake adventure blog.  Until then click here to see the interview and meet my new cupcake friends!

CLICK LINK TO VIEW STORY: cupcake luvah friends!